The central and peripheral nervous systems play a vital role in regulating fundamental physiological functions such as heart rate, breathing, and immunity. However, studying these connections can be challenging due to a lack of technologies that can record and stimulate neural circuits distributed throughout the body. Our research aims to develop and apply new technologies to map brain-body pathways and to better understand how the nervous system maintains homeostasis and regulates adaptive behavior.

We use a combination of bioengineering, systems neuroscience, and materials science approaches to create biohybrid tools and devices that can interface with the nervous system. Our goal is to engineer cell-type-specific technologies that can accurately target, map, monitor, and control neural circuits while minimizing tissue damage. We also conduct experiments using behavioral, physiological, and neural recording techniques to uncover the fundamental principles of how the brain monitors organ status and visceral sensations and to inform treatment concepts for physiological and circuit disorders.

We are located at the Weill Institute for Neurosciences

1651 4th Street

San Francisco, CA 94158